Next-generation computational tools for interrogating cancer immunity | Nature Reviews Genetics

The interactions between tumours and the immune system are highly complex. This article discusses methods — primarily computational tools — for characterizing diverse aspects of cancer–immune cell interactions, including antigen presentation, T cell repertoires and hetero…
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Make It Stick: 5 Steps to Designing a Syllabus That Promotes Recall and Application | Harvard Business Publishing Education

Make It Stick: 5 Steps to Designing a Syllabus That Promotes Recall and Application | Harvard Business Publishing Education
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May be we can learn a thing or two following this article from Harvars Business School, when designing a curriculum for bioinformatics students or medical students. Example curriculum included in the article above.

[Re-blog] Set proxy and unset proxy for RStudio

If you want to set proxy server using RStudio, you might google and land on RStudio support site. However, the obvious solution might not be clear, so I have blogged about it almost 10 years ago.

Today, the solution still comes in handy.

So, to unset the proxy this time, simply do the following!


Map of Bangkok Flood 2011

Found this map from several years ago when Bangkok was flooded in 2011. From time to time, I’ve looked at this map to help evaluate the risk of future flooding for the areas that consider to buy a house.

I took some space in the my local storage, so I decided may be a public file sharing domain might better do the job storing the file for me and allowing future access with ease.

So here it is the map of flooded Bangkok areas in 2011

The Mexican Mestizo populations genome

Accidentally stumbling upon this paper about the Mexican genome study.

The Mexican people have already ventured into their genome since 2009! Analysis of genomic diversity in Mexican Mestizo populations to develop genomic medicine in Mexico, published in PNAS 2009.

Although the sample size was not very big and the genotypes were done on a platform with only 100000 SNPs, they started this nine years already.

Anonymous blood samples from 300 non-related and self-defined Mestizos and 30 Amerindian Zapotecos were collected in 7 states in Mexico: Guanajuato, Guerrero, Sonora, Veracruz, Yucatan, Zacatecas, and Oaxaca (ZAP). Genotyping was performed according to the Affymetrix 100K SNP array protocol…

May be there are several other publications coming out after this one?

HFS+ File system is NOT case-sensitive but case-preserved!

  • On MacOS system, cloned a git repository with two directories: 1) Assignment and 2) assignment. [Notice the A vs a].
  • Couldn’t find the folder “Assignment” locally
  • Remote git seems to have this folder.
  • Tried to find out whether local git repository was not updated or not.
  • Checked the commit ID, checked the log and confirmed that the local repository is up-to-date!
  • OMG … what happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Tried to check whether the correct git command was used. Read about git fetch, git pull, etc, etc.
  • Feeling frustrated.
  • Got no work done.
  • Suspicious that may be there’s some problem with case-insensitive on MacOS. Therefore, tried Google “macos filename case sensitive”.
  • Finally, found the answer to the problem on Google


See the result below.


case insensitive macos
case-insensitive but case-preserved