Image processing in R — Convert EPS to PDF and others

I do a lot of plots and graphs in R, and I found that most fonts will look disproportionate if I originally save the graphic output from R using a function such as png(). So the solution I have till now is to save all of my plots using

#as I normally want the plot to be in the size of most paper used to print here in the US
#by default the paper size is "A4" though.

Then, the next problem seems to be how do I convert these EPS files into PDF or other format.On Linux, so far my solution seems to be using ImageMagick,


. However, on OsX, if you don’t want to install ImageMagick, they already have a command built-in.

Through a series of these command, you will convert your file into a subfolder with the appropriate extension.

#echo *.eps | xargs -n1 pstopdf && mkdir png; sips -s format png *.pdf --out png/
<pre>echo *.eps | xargs -n1 pstopdf && mkdir png; sips -s format png *.pdf --out png</pre>

Although you will get a warning that the extension has been change to png, look inside “png” directory, and you will find all your files inside neatly converted to the format you want. You can use


to convert to jpeg or other format as well.


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How do I delete a large chunk of file?

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This might not be a good way to start a blog, but at least it gets me started about what I would like to do about my blog, and integrate this into part of my everyday work, which is writing some code/program/analysis in genetic epidemiology or statistical genetics. It should be an archive of examples and resources for readers.

## Here's a way to delete a large chuck of files which gives you error that "argument too long"

find .|grep 'merlin.*[(dat)|(freq)|(tbl)|(ped)|(map)]$' | xargs rm

– first the last part of grep enable you to match many types of file extension

– second : xargs allow you to execute any command to a long arguments that you parse to it “one by one”