New hope for patients with type I diabetes

If I read this and understand correctly, patients with type I diabetes will have chance to be cured by stem cell/gene therapy soon.

Developmental biology: Re-evaluating gut insulin instinct : Article : Nature Reviews Genetics.

According to this article

  • Talchai, C. et al. Generation of functional insulin-producing cells in the gut by Foxo1 ablation. Nature Genet. 7 Feb 2012 (doi: 10.1038/ng.2215) Article

Talchai, et al were seeking to understand the role of Foxo1 ablation in mice. They found that by knocking out Foxo1, progenitor cells in the gut (which are the same cell lineage as the insulin producing beta cells in pancreas) will develop into insulin producing cells.

A lot more work to be done, but this same idea is very interesting and can probably be applied to other diseases as well. By knowing how to modify a common progenitor cells into the right target cells, any diseases could probably be treated.



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