I bought a MacBook pro for work because of the similarity between Linux terminal and Mac terminal. However, if this is the only justification for buying a macbook, I should have thought again.

Superficially, OsX and Linux might look similar. However, the libraries, packages, machinery inside is very different. For example, there is no “wget” on Mac. Then, how can I download anything through a terminal. One solution after probing around that I came up with a while ago was to use “homebrew

I’m not going to cover the installation of homebrew here, but

If you are behind a proxy server, to install wget

$ sudo http_proxy=http://proxyUser:proxyPassword@proxyServer:port brew install wget

You can find more detail about using homebrew at https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew/blob/master/Library/Contributions/manpages/brew.1.md



Wiki software for Mac

I’ve updated Maverick (OsX 10.8) to OsX server recently. It came with an easy interface to configure. The best part for me seems to be the wiki feature. However, this comes with a cache-22. For some reasons that I cannot figure out, and I found that similar problem has been reported for users in Thailand running OsX server.

When Wiki feature is enabled, I get an error saying that ERROR:  time zone displacement out of range This is quite dreadful! The only way to solve the problem seems to be fresh installation which is out of the question for me. Without “Wiki feature”, the server and web service would be running without any problem. So, that’s one option for me, to not enabling the wiki feature. 

My alternatives for using the built-in Wiki feature is, therefore, looking for other wiki platforms available for Mac. From Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wiki_software, the list is narrowed down to MoinMoin and MojoMojo, which is available on Mac. MoinMoin was written in Python, and the other one in Perl (recently changed the name to Catalyst software for some reason).

MoinMoin does not require database support, either Posgres, MySql, etc, which seems to be the cause of the dreaded Timezone displacement errors. Therefore, I’m going to go forward with MoinMoin installation and give it a try. I really want to try Confluence; however, they do not support it on Mac. So, Confluence is out of the picture right now.