Error running SAS9.2 in Windows7 – non-adminstrator user

SAS 9.2 error in windows 7 – non administrator user

I recently installed SAS 9.2 on a Windows 7 machine. I used administrator account to install SAS, believing that I chose the option that allow everyone on the computer to use it (if such option exists). However, when I tried to run SAS using the regular user account (my everyday use account), I did get an error message that

“User does not have appropriate authorization level for library SASUSER”

I tried to look for solution on the internet and landed on Larry’s thing page. Larry wrote about a problem with SAS 9.2 when running in non-administrator mode. You can read the original post here.

“So basically the problem is that the sasv9.cfg file has the “MYSASFILES” and SASUSER variable set to the administrator account folders during the installation, not to some generally accessible location.   The easy fix is to create a folder , i.e. c:\sas , make it fully writable by your users, then modify the sasv9.cfg file (located: “C:\Program Files\SAS9_2\SASFoundation\9.2\nls\en\SASV9.CFG” )

Look for MYSASFILES and SASUSER and change it to c:\sas”
The problem for me is that there is no “c:\sas”. So, I’m guessing that it might be a problem with other user specific folder. When I looked inside C:\Users\[ADMIN]\Documents. I saw the extra folder “My SAS Files(32)”, where as under my C:\Users\Bhoom\Documents, there was no such folder.

The fix I did was to copy the whole \My SAS Files(32) from the Admin account to my local account. This seems to fix the problem with SAS, and it started up normally without any additional problem.